Clinics and Services

Shannon Medical Centre

Facts about flu

A wide range of general healthcare services, some of which are listed below, are available to our patients.

Shannon Medical Centre is now providing venesection services.  Having a venesection is a very safe, simple and quick treatment for removal of an excess of red blood cells.

Women’s Health

Osteoporosis: screen for risk factors and DEXA referral
Family Planning & Subfertility
Contraception including Emergency contraception and Long-acting Devices
Cervical Smears for women between 25-60 years (free with )
Pregnancy Care and Postnatal Care
STD Screening
Screening for Cardiovascular Disease including ECG

Men’s Health

Screening for Cardiovascular Disease including ECG
Prostate Screening
STD screening

Babies and Children

We are now happy to provide the Meningitis B vaccine (Bexsero) to babies over two months old.  All routine baby and childhood vaccinations excluding BCG (free of charge)
Chickenpox vaccinations: must be ordered in advance
Breast Feeding Advice
2 week and 6 week Baby check (free)

Young People

Dermatology: common skin conditions e.g. acne, eczema, psoriasis, mole checks, warts
STD screening and prevention advice
Contraception advice including emergency contraception
Travel Advice and Vaccinations

Chronic Disease Management

Asthma/COPD including lung function testing
Hypertension (high blood pressure) including 24 Hour BP Monitoring
Diabetes Check Up

Lifestyle Advice

Weight Loss
Smoking Cessation
Exercise Referral Programme

Other services

Phlebotomy (blood samples)
Influenza and Pneumococcal Vaccinations
Venesection (haemochromatosis)
Ear syringing, Suture Removal
Insurance Medicals
Driving Examinations
Travel advice & vaccinations
Cryotherapy (coming soon)

Please note that some services are covered by private insurers and some by a medical card but other services may incur a fee. Please inform the receptionist at the time of booking and she will advise you of the relevant charges. Please ask for a receipt at the time of payment as duplicates may not be issued. You may claim back fees through your private insurer and also with a Med1 Form available at
Please speak to your doctor if you have difficulty paying.